Against the Tide

Against The Tide
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Swimming Against the Tide: Primary Care Physicians' Views on Deprescribing in Everyday Practice.

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Swim against the tide

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go to site Clad in headscarves and hats, they gingerly reach down into the water to plant young saplings along lines of bamboo poles that help offer some protection against the waves. Set up in by Bangkok city authorities, the project has so far replanted 84 acres of mangroves across the country. Nearly 10 years ago, government adviser Thanawat helped residents in Samut Chin replant mangrove trees but some areas were too far gone to recover.

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Against the Tide (Chinese: 逆潮) is a psychological thriller drama produced by MediaCorp Channel 8. This drama features different crime cases. The show aired . Against the Tide is a British drama film directed by Alex Bryce and starring Robert Cochran, Cathleen Nesbitt and Linden Travers. In the film, a Cornish.

Another strategy is to drill pylons of cement into the seabed -- and on the shoreline itself -- to act as a substitute for the mangrove roots. This has proven successful so far in the tourist town of Pattaya further along the coast, where the pylons have helped to reclaim several metres of beach.

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As for Somnuek's stretch of coast, though further erosion has stopped for now, there is little hope his temple will ever see dry ground again. But the flooding has brought one unexpected advantage: dozens of tourists that flock to the so-called floating temple for Instagram-worthy selfies.

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