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Her Escape (Scarred Cliff 1)
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Scarred: (a novella) [Casey Clipper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Logan Harrison is wealthy, successful, extremely good looking, . Scarred: A Love Lost: A Domestic Violence Novella - Kindle edition by Bianca. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Show matched games. Categories No. Meeples - European Boardgame Cafe. Member Price:. RM Additional Information. More Views:. Android: Netrunner - The Spaces Between. Android: Netrunner - Overdrive Draft Starter. Android: Netrunner - First Contact. Lye Street will be available exclusively from Subterranean Press, in two unique editions:. Limited: fully cloth bound hardcovers, signed by the author Lettered : 26 signed leatherbound copies, housed in a custom traycase. From Publishers Weekly "Campbell meshes pity with terror against the bleak phantasmagoric backdrop of a city suspended from chains, swinging dismally over a yawning abyss.

In a civilization literally built upon nothing, dark magic and vengeance are the rule of the day, and Campbell will quickly have readers under his creepy and sometimes heartbreaking spell.

The Scarred Woman

From Green Man Review: Lye Street "also has some strikingly beautiful moments, in that harsh, dark way some of us love so well. The journey of the angel Carnival is most compelling, as she simultaneously follows and flees messages seemingly addressed to her, scrawled across the walls and tunnels and towers of the dangling city. Neatly juxtaposed are Sal Greene's sojourns through demonic realms as he struggles to save his family from Carnival's murderous intent.

This is a world where good and evil are not absolutes, where it is as easy to sympathize and root for an unearthly murderer as it is for her future victim. Sign Up for news and offers Make sure you don't miss interesting happenings by joining our newsletter program. They love the outside and it helps to get as much of their energy out as possible. Night comes and I slide into my t-shirt blend sheets. I close my eyes and the fatigue of the day quickly consumes me. I sigh. The boy is nothing short of amazing. Him and his twin brother look nothing alike. All the girls crush on Waylon. He has this mystery to him. Whitton, though, Whitton is the kind of boy you can talk to, really talk to. There is depth to him.

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The intrigue of him keeps me on edge to know more, see more, and have more time with him. From the time we met in elementary school at eight years old until now he has captured my attention. I feel the blush cover my cheeks. He smirks. I prop my hand on my hip. I know it. Only thing is, I know down to my soul he has so much more to give in this world. My alarms blares drawing me out of the dream. Something I desperately needed.

Whitton Joseph Thorne, my best friend since we ran into each other playing at recess when we were only eight years old. No longer is he the boy I thought could give the world goodness. Would I cross the line again? At the time, it felt right. Hell, I thought it was going to change everything into something we could build a future on.

Except, Waylon took off and Whitton was right behind him. Where one brother went, the other was sure to follow. They had a rough start in life. Bonded as twins, bonded as brothers, and bonded by the times life kicked them while they were down those two would always stick together. Part of me blames Waylon. The other part of me, knows the truth.

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Whitton ran. He found out Waylon took off and he followed. It was an escape and an all too easy excuse.

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Even after all these years, I belong to him in a way that keeps me from moving on. Everything I thought we could one day be is a far fetched dream. Marlayna has her life ahead of her.


No matter the past, she has a future. Sitting down to a late dinner, I pull out my phone and scroll social media. Even with a bowl of vegetable soup in front of me, my stomach growls at seeing the yummy chocolate desserts. I have a sweet tooth. My ass and hips thank me for it. Sipping my soup, it warms me.

Subterranean Press Lye Street

My thumb moves on my phone screen, skipping past people I went to high school with that I never talk to. Personally, I like it when people take out their own trash. Want to talk to you. He types. Or maybe I just need to block him. Going out with Lance was up there with many mistakes I made in my life.

Two dates, then I called it off.

I repeat myself all day everyday with my students. I move the little bubble that shows a picture of a golf club, Lance, and toss it down below to get rid of it off my screen. The phone begins to ring and I jump. First thought is, Lance is calling me.

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Then when I look at the screen, I see Elizabeth Calling. A smile crosses my face as I except the call. Drinking and then rowdy children in the morning is not a good combination. I need to change. Whatever she has in store must be exciting. The blends of reds and yellows into oranges is mesmerizing. The heat gets closer and closer to my fingertips as the flame grows intently. I blow the match out. The flame is extinguished. Dark, unforgiving.

I sit in the dim lit room I call home. Ruthless Rebels MC — my family and the clubhouse where I calm myself at the end of every day. The ten feet by ten feet space has my bed, one nightstand, and a dresser. The closet is small but I keep a three tiered bookshelf in there, full of different books and photo albums.