The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved
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I spend a good part of my day catching the train and since I have a lot of down time I read a lot of books. This itself is problematic as it can be hard to find enough interesting books to keep me entertained on the train. So one day while browsing online for something new to read I came across a book with such an interesting title: The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved by Ken Ham. Now, I was unaware of a great dinosaur mystery but evidently I was mistaken.

My interest was piqued and I immediately ordered a copy on my favourite website. In the meantime, I found the wait for my new book excruciating. I have always found it hard to wait and when I was a kid, Christmas was the worst!


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As it turns out my idea of being careful was not really that careful and my parents used to play games with me on Christmas day. While it may not be the work of genius that Ken Ham had hoped for The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved has definitely inspired some of the most sarcastic customer reviews that I have ever seen. The following comment is particularly enlightening.

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Below is another comment, which strikes a chord with me because the reviewer is from Victoria in Australia like myself. I have always been a huge fan of footnotes too, especially when there are nearly more footnotes than pages of text! After reading these comments, I am even more excited than ever! So excited in fact that I just ordered another book by Mr.


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The part that really killed me in his proof against evolutionary theory is that he says its possible dinosaurs may have evolved after they got off the ark. There's nothing like supporting a part of one theory to support your own. This book has endless quotable parts for humorous discussions!

If you're looking to read an excellent "scientific" comedy, then this is surely the book for you. However, keep in mind the author thinks this is all totally real and is even funding his own "dinosaur park". View 1 comment. Non-fiction, first book read by this author. Interesting book about creationism, with a focus on dinosaurs that was consistent and straight forward. I really appreciated the condensed facts about specific dinosaurs.

There were several insights I gleaned from this book that I shared with others. Grateful for the identification of Scripture passages to reference. Now looking for a more in depth book featuring creationism or apologetics. We received this book as a gift and I had skimmed it, but now I've finally gotten to the point of needing to have honest biblical answers for questions surrounding dinosaurs.

This book contains a fair amount of facts, research and theories about dinosaurs, as well as all of the cited references. But what I really appreciate about this book is the tie in with Genesis and the discussion regarding the dangers of substituting man's science with the true record of history the Bible. For example, if you believe dinosaurs lived and died millions of years ago, you are undermining the gospel message which originated in Genesis - there was no death before Adam sinned Rm Not everyone will agree with Ken Ham or this book, but his true purpose is to make the reader want to study Genesis and seek the truth- "If you want to understand the meaning of anything, you must understand its origins- its basis.

Dec 27, Jamie Jones rated it it was amazing.

I learned so much through this book! Not just about Dinosaurs but about Creation too. This wasn't a book that argued with evolution, but it simply stated the facts about what the bible says.

Great dinosaur mystery solved

A rarely seen look at answering the questions associated with these terrible lizards from a creationist perspective. Internationally known author and speaker Ken Ham brings a new way of thinking to the table for Christians, emphasizing that in. The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved [Ken Ham, Dan Lietha] on *​FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Where do dinosaurs fit in the biblical account.

If we as believers take the Word literally, than we need to make it our number one source for truth. I no longer have questions surrounding the subject of dinosaurs, they're existence, behavior, food sources, or extinction, etc. Jun 02, Lisa rated it it was amazing.

This book was amazing. I have a family member who was recently asked if she believed in Dinosaurs. I have always believed in dinos, but the question always left some holes in my thinking. This book clearly defines all questions related to this in relation to Biblical Creation. This book was so inspiring that I bought a children's book to discuss dinosaurs. Great Read and I suggest it for you.

Jul 18, Dale Stringer rated it it was amazing. This book was a very good book for someone who is just starting to try to understand dinosaurs and the creation. However, the appendix in the back is great for a lot of deep research. That appendix alone makes up for the very surface level teaching that Ken Ham brings out in the book if you're needing something deeper to study.

Oct 30, David rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , christian. According to Ham, dinosaurs not only lived with and among humans, but Noah brought a pair of every kind of dinosaur in the ark. How did such large creatures fit in the Ark?

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!

Noah took baby dinosaurs. Still, they are theories that are based on our best understanding of the evidence. If you reject radiometric dating, you are also rejecting wholesale much of modern science. Best I can tell, in his heart of hearts he believes what he says. At the end of his book he takes a break from dinosaur theory to share the gospel message and a call to faith.

And I think rather than dismissing him outright or calling him names, there is room to love fellow believers who have his worldview. Also, I will give him credit for his thoroughness and attention to detail particularly in citing references to various journal and news articles.

I think there are certain people who, for whatever reason, are predisposed to needing a profound sense of certainty in their lives. Much more so than the rest of us. For such individuals even the slightest degree of uncertainty or doubt poses a great risk to their fundamental point of view—whether it be a religious or secular one. Such people have been with us throughout human history, and in some tragic cases they have been the catalyst for great evil.

Because their rigidity is ultimately motivated by fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear or failure or rejection. Fear of the slippery slope. Another less benign but still real and unfortunate consequence of this rigid need for certainty is that these individual will very often have no choice but to accept what the rest of us believe to be pure fantasy. That the earth is the center of the universe, for instance. That the earth is less than years old.

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Or that dinosaurs lived among us. Jun 01, Jenna rated it really liked it. It is definitely a book to read for anybody who doesn't understand how dinosaurs could be less than billions of years old. It is also something to read for Christians who want to know more about Creation Science. Feb 04, Joy added it. Basic facts regarding fossils, footprints and creatures from a Biblical worldview. I really enjoyed the perspective of this book regarding the logic and wisdom of taking the Biblical account of creation at face value rather than trying to mix it with the theory cell-to-creature-to-man evolution.

Our 10 yr son old loved it too. Informative Informative Gives very good ideas on tough questions about dinosaurs and how they fit in the bible. I would recommend this book to anyone who has questions. Feb 11, Lily Van Kirk added it. Don' tell me that the Bible is not accurate just because it doesn't say the word "dinosaur"! Oct 03, Shawn Paterson rated it really liked it. A simple book that I immensely enjoyed. Utter trash. Total fiction. Inflammatory and totally unbiblical arrogance with zero scientific credibility.

This is total trash. Jan 10, Heather Leipart rated it it was ok.

Not so helpful Jan 03, Beka rated it really liked it Shelves: animal-science-and-stories , christian-books. A really good, basic book for anyone who doesn't understand where dinosaurs fit into the Bible and a Christian worldview. Good science and clear explanations.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!

Oct 26, Sarah rated it it was ok. This felt like more of a basic intro type book to both dinosaurs and Christianity. Jesus in the Jurassic This is a clever text that clearly illustrates how we can make a mystery out of the obvious.